Tron Act

Tron act is a light & sound dance act. VS Events Tron Act has gained popularity recently in the Indian entertainment market. The Tron Dancer Troupe wears a special suit for the performance which emits laser lights and changes colour synced with the music.

This act is a heart-throbbing performance which mesmerises the audience with surprises and special effects. Tron act can be performed as a solo act and a group act.

Tron act is very suitable for events, parties, fest and other events.
One would be spellbound to see it for the first time. Tron act leaves a long-lasting effect of its audience. This Tron act is new in Indian Market and very popular among stage shows and corporate events.

Vs events offers Tron act in Delhi, Tron act in Gurgaon and Tron act in Noida. We offer Tron act in various other parts of India.

If you wish to book Tron act for your event, feel free to calls for bookings.
Call 880 031 8721 for booking Tron Act for your upcoming events.
Our team of Tron Act performers in Delhi consist of male and female dancers. All our performers are professional Tron Act dancers. They have years of experience in dancing. Their unmatched coordination makes the act more delightful and unforgettable for a long time.

Tron Act performers by VS events are highly trained dancers. Feel free to call us for booking Tron Act performance for your event.

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