Folk Dance Troupe

Folk dance troupe offered by VS Events includes a group of dancers performing on various folk songs.

The client can choose which folk dance form performance they want for the event.
We have experienced dance troupes for all popular dance forms.

Bhangra Folk Dance Troupe – VS Events offers the best Bhangra Dance Troupe for weddings and events. We have the best in industry Bhangra dancers, All our folk dance troupes are highly experienced and trained dancers.

Our Bhangra Folk Dance Troupe comes with all props and accessories. Dressed in traditional Punjabi Dresses to steal the limelight with their breathtaking performances.

Garbha Dance Troupe – Another very popular dance form of India is Garbha. Vs Events offer highly skilled Garba dancers for various events.
We have folk dancers for all over India. If you wish to book Folk dance troupe for your upcoming event, call 880 031 8721 for booking.

Folk dance troupe by VS Events comes with all props and accessories, they perform at events wearing authentic traditional dresses and attire. Their complete look will bring the guest in the aura they cant exist.Call 880 031 8721 for Booking Folk dance troupe

Troupe usually consist of 3-20 dancers as per the client’s budget. The troupe can be of all male or all female dancers or both as per the client’s preference. VS Events Folk Dance Troupe will perform on popular folk songs.

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