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Bhangra Dance Group

Weddings are all about dance and fun, When it comes to dancing, Bhangra is all that we do. Now, book professional Bhangra Dance Troupe for your wedding and events. In north India, Bhangra knows no religion. Be it a Punjabi Wedding or Not, A group bhangra performance is eye candy.

Our professional Bhangra dancers will perform to the tunes of hit & popular Bollywood tracks. Dressed in their authentic and traditional attires with all props, they will make you jump out of your seats and dance with them.
Our Bangra dance troupe comes in a group of 3, 5, 7 to 15 members. You can choose the ratio of male and female bhangra performers in the group.
Bangra dance troupe by Vs events can be managed in the combinations of Solo Bhangra Performance, Group Bhangra Performances and Bhangra Stunts & Acts.
Our Authentic Bhangra performers are highly skilled and experienced dancers to make sure you are watching a performance to remember for a long time.
We offer Bhangra Dancer Troupe in Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, MP, and all other northern states of India. Nevertheless, if you are looking to Hire Bangra dance troupe in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and other southern states of India VS Events can arrange that as well.

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VS Events is a best Bhangra Dance Troupe provider in Delhi NCR.

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