Champagne Chandelier

Champagne Chandelier is a classic international act which VS Events has to bring to you. This is live performance comprises of a beautiful girl hanging upside down from a chandelier pouring champagne into the glasses of your guest. Chandelier girl performs to the background music while hanging from the chandelier. These acts do not require a strong ceiling. You don’t need to have a banquet hall for having the larger than the live performance. Champagne Chandelier Act can be performed at outdoors and indoors venues.

VS Events provides international Champagne Chandelier Girls who are highly trained and experienced in aerial acrobats. They can perform on various Bollywood tracks as well.

VS Events provides Champagne Chandelier Girls in Delhi, We also provide Champagne Chandelier Girls in Gurgaon, Noida, Rajasthan, Jaipur and various other parts of India.

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You can book the Champagne Chandelier Act for Wedding, Cocktail, Private Parties, Corporate parties and others. This is the latest thing which has gained popularity in the Indian Entertainment industry.

Champagne Chandelier act is also popularly known as aerial bartender act, or aerial bartender.

In this act of aerial bartending, beautiful Russian bartender hanging from a chandelier will serve drinks to your guests. Chandelier girls will perform various bartending stunts and also show glamorous moves to the tune of Bollywood & Hollywood music.

Champagne Chandelier Act by VS Events is one of the most glamorous act you can opt for your event. Dresses of the chandelier girl itself are so strikingly appealing that your guest will be mesmerized by the performer’s beauty and talent.

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