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We at VS Events organise Bar Setup for weddings, Sangeet Corporate events and Private parties, We understand Cocktails and Mocktails are undisputed part of every event in India except for some dry states.

VS Events can organise and set up all types of BARs in India. Fully decorated Bars setup comes with at types of cocktails mocktails and liquors as per clients choice and preference.

We offer wide variety of Imported and Indian liquors to choose from.

All our Bar Setups are theme based and fully decorated with accessories and props. VS Events Bar Setups are designed in such a way that it complements the entire venue design and theme.

We received compliments most of the times that our Bar Setup for Weddings and other events becomes the center of attraction for your guest. Our Bar Setups becomes eyeball catcher in all our events. Guests will enjoy drinks at the bar and rest of the guests will take selfies to make their event more sensational.

Types of Bar Setup

We offer Bar Setups for Non Alcoholic and Alcoholic crowds both. We are renowned for Bar Setups in Delhi, Bar Setups in Mumbai and other parts of India.

We have various types of bar Setups for Wedding and events. Following are a few of the most popular and demanded Bar Setups in Delhi for Weddings.

Mojito Bar Setup – This is one of the most popular bar setup demanded in metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other metro cities. Mojito Bar Setup popular among non alcoholic crowds as it hold only non alcoholic drinks.

Mojito Bar Setup by VS Events offer wide range of mocktails and mixes. Some of the most popular drinks available in Mojito bar Setup are Gulkand Mojito, Orange Mojito, Classic Mojito.

Sangria Bar Setup is another popular Bar setup demanded by elite clients. This Bar is inspired by Spain and Portugal alcoholic beverages. Sangria Bar Setup is a new concept being demanded in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Rajasthan and other northern parts of India. Some of the popular drinks offered in Sangria Bar Setup are Red Wine Sangria, White Wine Sangria, Rose Wine Sangria etc.

Molecular Bar Setup is the most demanded and most creative type of bar Setup available at VS Events. Molecular Bar Setup offers wide range of creative drinks for the guests. All its offerings are alcoholic and presented in the most creative way one can expect. Molecular Bar Setup its self looks amazing and give a setup for selfies of its guests. Some of the creatively presented drinks at Molecule Bar Setups are Smokey Balls,Smokey Popcorns, Vodka Candie’s, Choco Bomb’s, Fusion Marshmallow, Jell-o-s, Gummy Bear’s etc.

Monk’s Kahwa Bar is another innovative and mix form of Bar Setups in Delhi. Monk’s Kahwa Bar of wide variety of millennials centric drinks. This Monk’s Kahwa Bar Setups are most popular among Youngsters. Monk’s Kahwa Bar Setups are requested in private parties and  Weddings as well. Some of the drinks offered at Monk’s Kahwa Bar setups are Tube Shoot’s, Injections.

Drunken Fruit’s Bar is another mix concept Bar Setup offered in Delhi and various other metropolitan cities of India. The whole concept of this bar revolves around Fruits infused with alcohol. VS Events is one of the exclusive Bar setup organisers to offer Drunken Fruit’s Bar to its clients. This Drunken Fruit’s Bar Setup is popular among Youngsters and most demanded for bachelor/bachelorette parties, Birthday parties and other  private events.

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