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Red Carpet Girls

Want to WOW your guests from the very moment they arrive… send them walking down our Living Red-Carpet greeter’s 5′ wide red-velvet dress!

Guests will be welcomed to your party by our Living Red-Carpet greeter to realize that they are Standingson her Dress!   Guests can pose for a photo, grab a specialty cocktail, or be directed toward the next special-event surprise.

Your Living Red-Carpet can range in size, anywhere from 15′ to 100′ long, and also be other custom colors, such as a Purple Velvet carpet… or Tie-Die for your 1960’s Hippie-Party.

Sky’s the limit!  We also have a Full L.E.D. Light-Up Plexi-Glass walkway to turn your entrance into a High-Fashion Runway!

Like what you see, now contact us for bookings. We offer similar acts at various budgets.

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